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Improve your game with Dribble Dr.

Posted Thursday, January 17, 2008 by NE
What is the Dribble Dr.?

Dribble Dr. is the first training stick developed for the sport of field hockey. With a patent-pending rotating grip, the Dribble Dr. allows players to learn to use their left hand to control the stick. While learning the basic skill of dribbling, players also increase their forearm strength, hand speed, and ball control.

Dribble Dr. is the answer for any level of field hockey ability--whether an athlete has never played and needs to learn the basics of dribbling or has been playing for years and is looking for an edge.

Don't miss this opportunity to improve your game!

*28" .. $50
*30" .. $55
*32" .. $60
*34" .. $65
*36" .. $70

*Shipping is based on Standard UPS Ground Shipping (3-5 business days):
0-5 sticks: $10; 5-10 sticks: $15
10-15 sticks: $20; 20+ sticks: $30

ORDER ONLINE TODAY at www.dribbledr.com

Contact us: info@dribbledr.com or 202-330-9672

The Dribble Dr. is developed and sold by B-CC's very own Emily Beach, an All-Met field hockey player who graduated in 2001. She was captain of the University of Maryland's national champion team, and she now coaches at Georgetown University.

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