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Varsity Takes Down Rockville

Posted Tuesday, September 23, 2008 by CB
On a hot, sunny September 19th afternoon at Rockville, where the
field is patchy and bumpy and in even worse condition than B-CC's field in
the dark days of yesteryear, the Lady Barons started slow (having to adjust
after playing on turf the last couple of games) before defeating the Rams
5-0. The Barons played without leading scorer, Captain Clare Becker, and
early on seemed content to dominate the possession of the ball. But the
field made it hard to finish – the ball would bounce crazily and
unexpectedly and was very difficult to handle close to the goal, where the
Rams crowded in front of their goalie. At the 16 minute mark of the first
half, Catherine Mirsky scored on a penalty corner, converting a nice insert
from Charlotte Kettler and blasting a shot that defected high off a
defender's stick into the upper corner of the net. Thus the Barons took a
1-0 lead.
Whether it was the randomness caused by the field conditions
interfering with the normal crisp Barons passing, or the heat of the day,
with the lead the Barons settled into a lackluster somnolency. Coach Amy
Wood found that her suggestions from the sideline were not being heeded with
sufficient alacrity, so she called time out and gently suggested to the team
that perhaps they could do better, a suggestion the team took to heart
because immediately thereafter the Barons dominated possession and started
buzzing around the Rams' net. Several scoring immediately opportunities
presented themselves -- but were thwarted by bad bounces at inopportune
moments. After a rare Rockville foray into the Barons' end, culminating in
a penalty corner, the Barons swept down the field on a fast break and Rachel
Ruda took it in from about 25 yards out and scored to give the Barons a 2-0
lead with 5 and a half minutes left in the half. Four minutes later Sunny
Cobb drilled a long shot from outside the circle that was deflected into the
goal by Jenn Dewey, and the Barons took a 3-0 into half time.
In the second half, it was more of the same, the Barons dominated
possession but could not quite finish because it was hard to complete three
passes in a row without the field wreaking havoc. But in a fabulous flash
of brilliance, Mimmy Wentzel broke down the sideline and on the dead run
passed it in to Jose Lopes, who made a terrific one-time pass to Rachel Ruda
in front, Ruda's shot was deflected wide by the goalie but kept alive by
Jenn Dewey, who passed it back to Ruda for the score. Wow.
Jenn Dewey scored her second goal of the day on a fine cross from
Charlotte Kettler, to complete the scoring at 5-0. For her hustle and
effectiveness, Jenn Dewey was awarded AMY's APPLE, as the player of the
game. I personally would give honorable mention to Rachel Ruda and Josie
Lopes, who get noticeably better with every game. The Barons were clearly
the better team, the Rams wilted under the constant pressure and the Barons'
depth and hustle. The field conditions forced the Barons to adjust their
game, which they accomplished with some timely encouragement from Coach
(Reported by Calvin Cobb)

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