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Mulch Sale - flyer distribution

Posted Thursday, March 12, 2009 by Celinda Pea
As you know, every team at BCC has been assigned the task of passing out flyers to announce the mulch sale throughout the BCC area. 
BCC High School is having it's largest Mulch Sale this year to raise money to maintain the football field that is also used by all the field teams in the school:  

We have been assigned the Westmoreland Hills neighborhood.
Here is the plan:
  • We will meet at Charlotte Young and Sunny Cobb's house ( 4604 Tournay Rd., Beth 20816) at 1:30 this Sunday, March 15.
  • We will not be knocking on doors, but will leave the flyers at doors, in mailboxes, etc...
  • Girls should wear BCC shirts/clothes and will be sent out in pairs or teams.
  • I have several hundred flyers and enough maps for every pair or group of girls.
  • We will work from 2-4 and hopefully get the whole neighborhood done
Girls who participate will get:
  • community service hours
  • 20% of the proceeds from each field hockey participant will go directly into the field hockey booster account (the more girls who participate, the more money we get!)
  • build team spirit
  • know their efforts are supporting our field  
I know everyone is busy, we all are.  Some of you may be on other teams (every team in the school is being asked to participate). 
Please pick field hockey and come to the Young/Cobb house Sunday at 1:30 to get your marching/mulching orders and have fun supporting our field!
We will have drinks, food and camaraderie (I love spell check!)
Please let me know if you can join us.
Celinda Peña
(Cristina and Sofia Shoffner '12)

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