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Website changes

Posted Wednesday, June 10, 2009 by Jacqueline Keeling
Our website package expires at the beginning of August. To save a money, we are planning to switch to a package with fewer features. The less expensive package allows for considerably less photo storage space than we are currently allotted, and it is still unclear what will happen to the existing pictures on the site when we make the switch. Please go to www.bccfieldhockey.org before July 31, then download any photographs that you wish to keep. Many photos are tagged with the players' names. You can click a player's name to open their page, then view the photos associated with that player.

The new Yahoo! Group page allows us to upload files and photographs, and it is free. We will continue to use www.bccfieldhockey.org for rosters, schedules, results, statistics, and official emails.

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