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Message from Coach Amy: Pre-season Update

Posted Monday, July 20, 2009 by Amy Wood
I would like to give everyone interested in trying out for the field hockey team an update. We are a little less than one month away from the start of preseason and I have two major updates.

First, I recently found out our practice field at Lynnbrook is not available the first 2 weeks of preseason and we are attempting to locate a temporary practice field until Lynnbrook is available.
Secondly, we have almost hired our new JV coach. Our new AD, Suzette Thom, has interviewed some candidates and will be making a decision soon.  I have spoken to some candidates as well and given my opinion on the type of coach I would like hired.

The above scenarios have precluded me from setting up the preseason practice schedule, but I will give you our typical schedule.
We will begin practice on August 15th at 9am, with a second practice in the afternoon. This will continue from Aug 17-22 and then beginning Monday Aug 24, we will practice once daily thereafter. No practices will be held on Sundays. Each practice is ~2hrs-2: 15 minutes

Tryouts are for a minimum of five PRACTICES and more if necessary.  In the past, due to the number of players trying out, we have two rounds of cuts before setting our final roster. As I have mentioned several times, final spots usually come down to the benchmark running times, I stipulated in my program online (face book, yahoo group, and website). Please refer to one of the sites, if necessary.

I am setting my sights very high for our team this season. We have all of the tools necessary to again vie for a division, region and state championship. It will take all of the hard work from you prior to the start of preseason.  I am starting the season off as if our team goal is our highest attainable goal. The one we set every year. But this year, if that is what you want, show me from day one. the entire team will need to be in excellent physical shape, mentally tough and with much improved basic skills. If this occurs, we will begin at a far more advanced level than in recent years.

Please bring the following to every practice: stick, mouthguard, shinguards, water bottle (more than 1 or a big jug), RUNNING shoes and cleats, snacks (in case you need it-there will be break for lunch),
On August 15th, please bring all paperwork (physical, parent permission, medical card, student contract and transportation). It will be collected prior to practice at our initial team meeting. You cannot practice without these forms. If you need them, they are located on the BCC website under athletics.

There is a certain level of fitness expected for all players trying out, but varsity candidates are expected to have an exceptionally high level. All players should come "team ready". The varsity level is higher skilled and higher paced and therefore, higher expectations.  I sent out our target times in a different fashion this year: Freshmen 7:30 (the lower the better); Paige 5:30, Grace, Laila and Haley 5:45; >7min = 6:59; all others take your best mile time and subtract 15 seconds. You will be giving me this time on the first day. If you tell me you do not know, your time is 6 minutes.

I hope everyone is excited for 2009 season; it should be very exciting and fun. Our potential is limitless and we should set the tone from the first day of the season. Believe in your capabilities from day one and absolutely anything is possible.

Ready up,


PS If anyone would like to speak with me about what to work on for the next month, please feel free to call 301-370-2537 or email amywood8@aol.com

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