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Bus to camp

Posted Thursday, August 06, 2009 by M'liss Reingruber
Some details about the bus to camp:
The bus driver is planning on departing at 6am promptly from the BCC parking lot...please ,please get there early.  The driver will arrive around 5:30am.
Please pack a lunch for the bus ride up - the driver will make restroom stops, but it is safer to bring something to eat rather than be dependent on the stops.  The driver will stop on the way back to Bethesda for something to eat so the girls will need some money.
The bus will come back to Bethesda on Thursday around 5pm (departing camp around 12:30pm). 
Almost everyone has paid, and if not - I will contact you.  Please assume you paid if you have not heard from me. 
If anyone has any problems getting to BCC or picking up please let me know - my cell is 301-873-3202.


M'liss Reingruber

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